Encik Norzihan B. Rijaludin
delivering his speech at the
Inaugural CGI on 8th August 2008.
Encik Norzihan B. Rijaluddin
( this article first published on 19th August )
Encik Norzihan B. Rijaludin, principal of SK Convent,
Tanah Rata was responsible for the immense logistics
at the school. His appointment of Mdm Yap Su Sun as
choirmaster made possible the heart rendering voices of
the SK Convent choir girls which moved all present at the
ceremony that day.
Encik Norzihan, constantly busy with
vested responsibilties of the school, took precious time
for meetings to brief and delegate tasks to more than 20
staff to deliver an immaculate reception for the VIPs and
guests. His speech is reproduced here to honor his huge
contribution to the success of the
Inaugural CGI
5th September 2008:
The Singapore Women's Cycling Team pays tribute to
the man who brought CGI participants the 60 charming
choir girls at the concluding reception.