Approximately 8 kilometres into the ride
The organisers are in the midst of preparing the post event report for
the respective ministries in Singapore as well as in Malaysia.
Picture taken by: Chow Mun Yip
14th August 2008 :  The Inaugural SWCT Cameron Graduation Initiative
concluded 4 days ago amid much fanfare at SK Convent, Tanah Rata.
All twelve participants completed their 90 kilometre climb task 2 hours
ahead of schedule. From moment they rode towards the mountain ridges
at seven in the morning, the clouds blanketed the sun till 3.30 in the
afternoon. Temperatures hovered between 23~26 degrees throughout
the day.

Amongst many who followed the convoy of 11 support vehicles,
2 ambulances, 4 police cars and 8 police outriders, consensus was
the same, that perfect weather delivered the girls from potential hell.
Noor Azmah, founder director of SWCT and head of CGI event though
relieved all came out of the exercise unscathed, was nevertheless
pining for conditions that would showcase the temerity of the girls
at the slopes during their climb.

At the finishing point, participants were greeted by a 60-strong
school choir and presented a generous bouquet of flowers each.
Encik Norzihan, principal of SK Convent made special effort to lend
importance to the ceremony by inviting the patronage of the Deputy
District Officer of Cameron Highlands as well as VIPs from Pahang
and Perak.
Noor Azmah addressing the crowd at SK Convent.
Asked to comment, event consultant \ producer Zhengxin Guan said
" Participants are awarded the jerseys so long as they meet the technical
requirement of completing the mandatory 90-kilometre ride.
Ms. Noor
had prepared them very thoroughly many months before the event, and
it's unfortunate bizarre weather conditions robbed them of any chance of
proving their mettle. The SWCT Alumni jersey isn't simply a token reward
for having completed a task. It's ownership testifies to having overcome an
exceptionally huge and trying obstacle. What the participants went through
on event day is like stealing up on a sleeping giant. The gods are on their
side. One lucky bunch these girls ".
The S. K. Convent Choir girls at the reception
Picture taken by: Chow Mun Yip
Picture taken by: Chow Mun Yip
VIPs observing the inaugural ceremony
8 kilometers into Simpang Pulai
8 kilometers into Simpang Pulai
8 kilometers into Simpang Pulai
8 kilometers into Simpang Pulai
8 kilometers into Simpang Pulai