24th July 2008 :  With only two weeks left
to the unexampled beginner women cyclist
graduation event in Asia, Malaysia
government ministries send letters of
support and well wishes to the SWCT. A
warm letter written and signed by the
Minister of Tourism Malaysia,
Dato' Sri
Azalina Dato' Othman Said
, left Noor
Azmah misty eyed when the latter opened
her mail box just two days ago. The High
Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore,
Dato' N Parameswaran too expedited a
formal letter of   request for support and
cooperation, attentioned to the various
councils and ministries in Malaysia, to
assist in furthering the success of
Singapore Women's Cycling Team
Inaugural CGI event.
Picture taken by: Chow Mun Yip
Back in Singapore, training continues at
the hills and will end next weekend. To
date, only two of the twelve participants
are ' climb-ready ' for the event and, it's
difficult to imagine that all will cross the
finishing line at SK Convent, Tanah Rata
( CH ) on the 8th August
" We are interested and honoured to have
this program here, in Cameron Highlands
as it promotes this place and our country
at the same time. Therefore, our
administration, without any difficulties is
One of the earliest note of support came
Dato' Haji Mohamad Noor bin
Abdul Rani
, District Officer, Cameron
Highlands. In his letter to the High
Commissioner, copied to
SWCT, he wrote:
Tan Sri Darshan Singh, President, Perak
Cycling Association made a personal
phone call to
Noor Azmah yesterday and
assured her of full logistics support,
including ambulance and medical support
for the entourage. In their conversation,

Tan Sri Darshan Singh
also extended a
personal invitation to host dinner for
In Ipoh, Dato' Razali bin Othman, DO of
Kinta District Council, too was like-minded
in expressing full support for SWCT when
contacted via phone at his office. He
promptly asked Ms Noor for details
concerning the climb route as well as
other details pertinent to the
CGI event.
pleased to give our full cooperation to
make this program successful ".