photo by: chow mun yip
In early 2007, Noor Azmah Ahmad formulated action
plans, with the kind help of a professional content author,
to redefine SWCT's role and relevance in the sporting
community. The Cameron Graduation Initiative was one of
several, important installations advised her in the blueprint.
The CGI is:
These objectives were supplemented by event
components needed to lend experiential content to the
CGI namely, * the important, concluding reception for
participants, * the CGI graduation jersey and, * the CGI event
finishing medal.
The first CGI was carried out on August the 8th, year 2008.
One of the highest honour paid to the inaugural exercise
was a personal letter from the President of Union Cycliste
International, Mr Pat McQuaid. His well wishes for the
Singapore Women's Cycling Team "
And may the wind be in
your back
" along with his signature, was incorporated into
the reverse side of the CGI finishing medal and, will remain
a permanent element on all future event medals.
The UCI President's support for the CGI event preceded
signed, personal notes from two of the world's most
important and prominent figures in cycling history,
Mr.Eddy Merckx and, Ms.Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli. The latter
two signatures were, likewise, to appear on the event medal;
however, owing to tight production schedules Ms Longo's
signature did not make it in time for the tooling process at
the mint in Australia; hence, only her credit mention was
struck on the medal reverse.
Participants of the 2008 event were required to attend
two-day, one-night biking workshop in Desaru prior to
signing up for the CGI. At the workshop, they were introduced
to the rudiments of bike handling and explored simple hill
climbs assisted by male sweepers. Four
workshops were
conducted between December 2007 and March 2008
leading up to the 2008 Cameron Graduation Initiative.
Earning the CGI graduation jersey was the ultimate reward
for all the participants; aside logistics, food &
accommodation costs for the 4-day, 3-night event, all
participants were aware that even the graduation jersey was
not a guaranteed item in the CGI package they signed up  -  
if, they fail to complete their 90 kilometre climb task.
The reception at the finish line is an important part of
the graduation exercise for participants. This intimate and
profound experience of having overcome great odds,
completed a task of consequence and, accomplished
something for themselves, has an indeterminable curative
effect on their self-esteem. The Cameron Graduation
Initiative put this great sporting moment within grasp of
the weak and plausibly, get them continuing thereafter
in strength
The 2008 CGI concluding reception was hosted by
S.K.Convent, Tanah Rata ( Cameron Highlands ). Its
Encik Norzihan bin Rijaludin was responsible for
all event logistics at the school.
Seven and eight year old cherubs
rehearsing for the CGI event at S.K.Convent in July 2008
CGI in progress, 36 kilometres into the climb on 8th August 2008