Since the beginning of 2008, SWCT has reinvented itself
and further clarified its role and relevance in the sport. It has set
a milestone in women's cycling sport by successfully
implementing an unprecedented graduation event and at the
same time, lend effort to a citizen's initiative in the spirit of good
neighbourliness for the country
From left: 1.Dato' Amarjit Singh Gill, Secretary UNESCO Youth Forum Advisory
Committee, UCI International Commissaire 2. ASP Abdul Malik b Abdul Bakar, Rep.
Chief Police Officer of Ipoh 3. Encik K.S. Muthu, Vice- President, Perak Cycling
Association 4.Tan Sri Dato' Seri G.Darshan Singh, President, Perak Cycling
Association, 5.Encik Azlan b Mohd Yaman, Head, Assistant District Officer of
Cameron Highlands and 6.Encik Norzihan b Rijaludin, Principal, SK Convent, Tanah
Rata. Bottom pix from left: 7.Encik Muhd Fauzi b Saimi, Secretary of Cameron
Highlands District Council, 8.Encik Zakaria b Abdullah, The Acting Education Officer
of Cameron Highlands and 9.Encik Saharuddin, Head of Ikatan Relawan.
On 30th May of 2008, Noor Azmah corresponded with the
Malaysia High Commission with regard conducting an
important sporting event up in the Cameron Highlands.
She wrote the Commission's First Secretary, Encik Syed Abd
Hamid bin Syed Abd Rahman,

" ...( para 3 ) 3. There are 12 ladies participating in this
special inaugural CGI and we have been able to get a small
sponsorship for a film documentary to be made of the event.

...( para 5 ) 5. Further to Para (3), the film will document
the triumph of the human spirit in the event providing great
latitude in showcasing besides the grand vista of the
Cameron Highlands landscapes, many elements telling of the
unique Malaysia experience.

Being a fan of her honourable
Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman Said,
this film documentary provides us an opportunity to make a
small contribution to her present ministry to somehow thank
her for honing sports to a respectable level whilst she was
sports minister.

We would appreciate it greatly if Encik Syed Hamid Rahman,
sir, you would help us relay our plans and good intentions to
her honourable
Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman Said not least, our
request for her advice/assistance in helping make the
documentary one that will also showcase Malaysia in the best
light to benefit Malaysia tourism.

In early July 2008, the High Commissioner of Malaysia to
Dato' N Parameswaran expedited a formal letter of  
request for support and cooperation, attentioned to the various
councils and ministries in Malaysia, to assist in furthering the
success of
SWCT's Inaugural CGI event.

Good cross-straits relations between Singapore & Malaysia
continue to be an on-going endeavour between the two
countries echoed by Malaysia's New Premier's recent, first visit
to Singapore on 21st May 2009