In 2004 Noor Azmah appealed to the SingaporeSports Council for the form

In 2004 Noor Azmah appealed to the Singapore Sports Council for the formation of a women's cycling team for the country. Her appeal was eventually approved on 29th April 2004 by SACA and SSC, establishing and setting in motion Singapore's most recognised women's sporting group, SWCT. 

SWCT was originally set up to build a team of women cyclists represented in the sport, its earliest efforts was the Tour of Thailand in 2004. From the beginning of 2005 through 2007, SWCT broadened its objectives and, in the same degree of zeal facilitated the call for charity work which includes, the Saint Andrew's Autism Centre and Club Rainbow; it also provided volunteer training services for Bike n Blade 2005 thru 2007 ( for various beneficiaries ). During this time, charitable works afforded opportunities for direct engagement with many women, helping SWCT examine issues that were pertinent to commitment and sporting potential of local women cyclists; inadvertently, the three years were also significant in evaluating and further clarifying the role and relevance of the Singapore Women's Cycling Team. 

Whilst the country awaits the few women who would ride into cycling history for the nation, cycling is gaining popularity as a serious sport here. Women's cycling should also translate into healthy social, physiological, emotive and intellectual enrichment. Under the leadership of its founder, Noor Azmah Ahmad, several programmes were installed in year 2007 to effect this crystallised role of SWCT. These include, beginners' bike workshops, a beginners' graduation programme, cultural expeditions and, amateur competitive events such as the Asia Bikehands' Challenge. 

Since 2004 Singapore Women's Cycling Team has been forging ahead in her pursuit of excellence, paving new ways and blazing new paths to bring ordinary women to the forefront of cycling sport for her country.