About the Bali Expedition
Helping the needy in Bali
There are at least 4 beneficiaries in Bali for this expedition. The names of these
beneficiaries will be announced once discussions are finalised. They will be donated an
equal amount of funds by event sponsors; each of these beneficiaries will be asked to pick one of four
teams to first arrive at their compound on the specified day of fund presentation. There will be four occasions
this is carried out for the respective beneficiaries situated in different kingdom districts of Bali. When the
choice pick arrives as speculated by the beneficiary, an additional bonus contribution will be awarded them
and the team. There will be four, team mini-race, of distance 40 kilometres or less, in the expedition itinerary.
Singapore Women's Cycling Team embarks on yet another
sporting initiative, not dissimilar to the
CGI in the spirit of good-neighbourliness.
The Bali Expedition amongst its other objectives of sport, education, history and culture,
is also organised in aid of charity in Bali.
More information on the Bali Expedition will be available shortly.
Singapore Women's Cycling Team